Recycled PET

PET is the abbreviation for Polyethylen-terephthalat. It is used for manufacturing products in many industrial areas such as packaging for detergents, cosmetics, high-quality carpets, and car spare parts. It is hundred percent recyclable. Use of PET has expanded rapidly into other areas such as containers for water, food products, and household products. Accordingly, it becomes vital to the environment that all used bottles to be recycled. Recycling processes is a key factor in producing high quality recycled PET. Recycled PET is a safe and economical addition to virgin PET resin.

             Field of Applications:

Recycled PET is used to make products such as fibers for carpets, fiberfill, apparel and geotextiles. Much of the recycled is used in non-food containers, or compounded for molding applications.

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