Recycled PP

Polypropylene has a variety of uses from the household industry to industrial plastics. Plastic buckets, combs, battery covers, wastepaper baskets, etc. have been using this polymer extensively. Virgin Polypropylene when moulded gives a translucent look to the product.
Chem Source supplies Recycled PP from trusted reliable producers. The granules have good quality, manufactured using high grade Plastic Scrap to ensure the best quality.

Granules are produced from different types of industrial waste like PP bags, batteries, and containers. The materials are grinded, washed and then reprocessed.

             Field of Applications:

Recycled Polypropylene is used in Fiber (Carpet, Textiles, Upholstery, etc.), Bags, and Blow Molding (Lubricant & Paint container, etc). Recycled Polypropylene is also used Injecting Molding (Chairs, Tables, Plastic Furniture, Life Durable Plastic Items).

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