The distance between the lights and the plants is critical as the heat produced by the lamps may burn the plants if placed too close. The daisy chain mechanism prevents tangled cords and allows one to use many lights at the same time. The lamp is proven to increase the yield of plants within a minimal time. The lamp can be used in place of any two hundred and sixty watts lamp. Seven lenses are placed at an angle of one hundred and five degrees so that light can be directed towards the plants properly. The heat dissipation system of the light is highly efficient.

They offer a ton of different size lights for different size grow spaces. The Model 3VL pictured above is perfect for a 2×4 foot grow tent. But this is what you get when you pick top shelf over plain satisfactory grow lights. The longest duration warranty we’ve seen offered for a grow light is 5 years. Optic LED is one company offering that benefit to their customers.

Each COB light has its own features and functions and pros and cons. The ones that are included in this article are listed as the top choices of marijuana growers. Therefore, it can be rightfully stated that these are worth the investment despite the high price range. They have a lifespan of around twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand operating hours, which is almost half of the lifespan of COB lights.

The manufacturer has their own reliable factory with skilled workers who research and design the very best COB They will provide you with a 3 years’ warranty with this COB LED grow light. You will also get a free power cord and free hanging hook with your purchase. The light is suitable to be used throughout all the growth stages of your marijuana. We would like to also point out that the quality of the LEDs in the lamp is are extremely durable.

You can place the driver outside the grow tent if the tent runs hot from the temperature. Additionally, the grow light uses a big heat-sinking without a cooling fan, making the CREE CXB3590 COB LED work at a low temperature under 60C° even at 100watts power. The company has equipped the grow light with a dimmable Meanwell driver to adjust your grow light intensity as per your cannabis needs.

This could be the best Cob LED grow light for all your indoor plants. It delivers a brighter full-spectrum and remarkably high PAR values. When you turn on the Veg switch, all the six pieces of Cob beads will light up. When you turn on the Bloom switch, the LEDs will light up except for the Cob beads. When you turn on both switches, all the beads will light up.

It produces a full spectrum light that you can use in all the growing stages. It is highly efficient when you compare it to the traditional HPS lights as it can readily replace a 600W HPS light while it consumes 134Watts of power. We have come to the part where you can see our top 11 COB LED lights for cannabis growth. Everything you need to know about them will be properly discussed below.

In a rare case, if any failure occurs then Phlizon is there to back you up with their quality support. You just don’t see readings like that on normal LEDs yet many of them are in the same price range. This light is suitable for all kind of plants and all the phases of a plant’s lifecycle. There are two switches on this light – one to turn on/off the COBs and the other for the SMD LEDs. I honestly think you’re getting your moneys worth for the level of electricity these lights consume.

integrated COB 3w Eplieds chips illuminating the light, plants will receive the best light proportion at every stage of growth – from flowering to fruiting. Now that you know a little about COB LED lighting, let’s look at some of the best COB LED grow lights on the market. Despite coming with variable light types, the light has only the ordinary LED light. This means that it is only limited to some specific types of indoor plants.

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