Chem Source goes beyond simply connecting buyers and suppliers. We take major steps of business negotiation to get the best source for our customers in regards of specifications, quality, and prices.

We Know Transportation Logistics: we are able to negotiate and monitor international transportation services, including vessel and truck. We can provide vessel updates to suppliers and receivers, and punctually resolve any problems that arise in transit.

We Know Third Parties: we are able to support suppliers and buyers by assisting to secure insurances, inspectors, and freight forwarders, as well as advising about required certificates and Bills of Lading specificities of each destination market. We are able to secure, coordinate, and manage the necessary third parties.

We Know Documentation: we are able to provide guidance about the complex paperwork requirement of moving product around the globe. We are experienced about the legal, financial, and customs documents between both parties— double-checking for accuracy, and reworking them as necessary.

We Minimize Foreign Uncertainty: We are multi-cultural; therefore, we know how to work on behalf of our clients through the cultural, legal, monetary, and language differences of other countries. We anticipate demand, we learn our customers’ buying habits and unique circumstances, and we pride ourselves in our ability to listen on both ends.

We Arrange The Connection: We work in the middle ground between Suppliers and Buyers using our technical and logistical experience to guide our customers to reach the most suitable purchasing conditions that satisfy the needs of both parties.